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Aged Care Dementia Resource – Life’s Journey Pack

Pack contains 10 posters.

A dementia resource helping patients explore their feelings. The pack illustrates emotions and situations pertinent to seniors.

Feelings covered are anger, contentment, fear, worry, frustration, grief, happiness loneliness, love, pride and sadness.

Each poster incorporates a description of the feeling or emotion and examples of when those feelings may be experienced.

Discussion points are included to prompt memory recall and conversation about clients feelings and emotions past and present.

Pictures depict age appropriate subjects experiencing the particular emotion.

Packs are designed for use by aged care professionals, carers and family members.

The A3 size makes these packs highly suitable for individual and group use with aged care and dementia patients.

Aged care dementia resource Feelings Pack by Something to Talk About

Price: $65.00 AUD plus GST

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