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Aged Care Dementia Resource – Life’s Journey Pack

Pack contains 10 posters.

A resource helping dementia patients recall major life events such as school, marriage, children, work and home. Designed to encourage reminiscing, memory recall to support dementia patients in diversionary therapy. The pack contains colourful posters with engaging questions covering topics pertinent to seniors.

The ‘Life’s Journey’ aged care dementia resource includes:

  • New baby – siblings, family size, children
  • Christmas – celebrations, best Christmas memory
  • Work – age, types of jobs, enjoyment
  • Spirituality – church, church dress, baptisms
  • Courtship and Marriage – restrictions, courting, difference between past and present
  • School – location, public or private, class size, experience
  • War time – rationing, armed services, overseas experiences
  • Home – childhood, appliances, amenities, number of houses

Take a look at our Life’s Journey material below and other reminiscing packs then simply click the button to print an order form. If you have any queries regarding the Something to Talk About resources, do not hesitate to contact us.

Aged Care Dementia Resource Life’s Journey Pack


Price: $65.00 AUD plus GST

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