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Aged Care Dementia Resource – Memories Pack

Pack contains 11 posters.

An aged care dementia resource helping patients reminisce with posters from the past, touching on holidays, shopping, entertainment, sports, magazines and movies. It will help support dementia patients in diversional therapy. The pack contains colourful posters with engaging questions covering topics pertinent to seniors.

The ‘Memories’ aged care dementia resource includes:

  • First car – how road rules and driving conditions have changed
  • Toilet – the outside pit toilet covers the changes have changed in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens
  • General Store – the general store covers how shopping and cooking and meals have changed over the years
  • First Car – vehicles includes first car, how road rules and driving conditions have changed
  • Magazines – magazines includes subjects such as house-hold tips, patterns ans recipes
  • Toys and Games – sports and games played for recreation, children’s toys
  • Entertainment – discusses entertainment includes movies, theatre, ballet and the circus
  • Family Pets
  • Holidays
  • Games and Hobbies
  • Significant Objects – personal mementoes

Packs are designed for use by aged care professionals, carers and family members.

The A3 size makes these packs highly suitable for individual and group use with aged care and dementia patients.

Subject matter is relevant for Australian audiences.

Aged Care Dementia Resource Memories Pack

Price: $65.00 AUD plus GST

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