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Visual Literacy Writing Resources

At Something to Talk About, we are passionate about learning. We provide high quality Australian classroom resources for students and teachers across the country. Something to Talk About aims to give teachers the stimuli they need to facilitate learning.

Something to Talk About provides a wide range of resources for teachers that are made by teachers. Ideal for use in pre-schools and primary schools, our material is a fun additional resource which aims to develop children’s experiences and learning.

Our visual literacy writing resources stimulate discussion, develop vocabulary, scaffold more complex writing and cover a range of text types and genres. All our visual resources include contemporary images from here in Australia as well as inspiring images from across the globe. The plethora of subjects stimulate children’s imaginations.

Our packs have been divided into age brackets which can be used as a guide. We offer three packs aimed at different age groups:

  • Set A – infants
  • Set B – middle primary
  • Set C – upper primary

Children are able to actively connect with the visual literacy writing resources and are inspired by their contents. Something to Talk About makes learning and planning easier whilst sparking the imagination. Each set includes:

  • 10 writing stimulus pictures per pack
  • Variety of text types with brainstorming questions
  • Vocabulary writing ideas
  • Modelled writing examples of text type

These resources are recommended for anyone who wants to deliver engaging lessons to their students. Contact Something to Talk About for more information on any of our products and services.

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